VIOLET Reflections


When I said yes to Violet, never had I imagined it would become one of the most fulfilling, special experiences of my life.

Beyond the blood, sweat and tears – being stretched way passed where I thought I could go – I’ve been nothing but championed and encouraged by an incredible bunch of people who quickly became like family.

Special thanks to Mitchell Butel and Blue Saint Productions for taking a chance on this musical theatre rookie! Words can’t encapsulate my gratitude and I honestly couldn’t be happier that Violet was my first.

Love you all, here’s to making more memories in Melbourne.


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VIOLET Reviews


The reviews for Violet came in quickly and were so overwhelmingly positive!

Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Theatre People, Broadway World, Limelight Magazine and Daily Review are just a few publications.  To check out what they had to say, head to the Blue Saint Productions Facebook page.

Massive thanks to everyone who came and reviewed our show so generously, we truly appreciate it!


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The Morning Show


When I got word I’d be debuting my single live on The Morning Show, I knew I wanted to bring something different.

Such a special moment performing this, joined by some great friends, Coco Collective, who really helped bring it to life.  Great seeing Larry, Kylie and crew again too, cheers for having me!


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The Manila Times


Being in The Manila Times is definitely a “what the..?!” moment.

Other than Anywhere We Go and Violet, I got pretty unfiltered.  Shared about once being too scared to do anything and how I deal with rejection.  Give it a read if you want by clicking the pic above.


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Rouse Hill Times


Was a pleasure catching up with Rouse Hill Times, it’s a great feeling when your local community gets behind you.

Massive thanks to the whole team and hope to catch you guys around the neighborhood sometime!

Tap the pic above to read the piece.


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Thomas Bleach Single Review

Thomas Bleach

Not gonna lie: it’s kinda nerve-racking anytime a review comes in.

Big thanks to Thomas Bleach for the generous words on Anywhere We Go.  Appreciate the attention to detail and glad you had it on repeat!

Tap the pic to read his review.


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Motherland Love

TalkMedia Africa

Pretty stoked to be getting some love from the motherland.  For those who don’t know, I was actually born in South Africa.

Cheers TalkMedia Africa for the support, I appreciate it!

Click the pic to check it out.


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