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Tearaway Magazine Interview


Enjoyed chatting to Tearaway Magazine in NZ about a whole bunch of things.

If you wanna get to know me a bit better, I promise it’s not a long read.

Click the pic.


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The Juice Daily


I’m no pro, but here’s a bit about how I keep fit physically and mentally.

Click the pic to read and if you have any questions, feel free to hit me on Instagram and Facebook.

Cheers for the chat, The Juice Daily.


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Zadig & Voltaire


Zadig & Voltaire launch in Sydney with my bearded brother, Timothy Downsborough.


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The Robards Method


Before and after killer training sesh with this calisthenics cat.  Couldn’t even hold the cam still by the end, my arms were heavy as lead haha.

Tim Robards got me on his new program called The Robards Method, as I’ve begun my foray into world of calisthenics.  It’s super tough but a such an ace new challenge, and I highly recommend it.


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Grinning but freezing my chops off here haha.

Always gratifying having the spotlight shine on something bigger than just myself.

Thanks Jodhi Meares and R U OK? for letting me don your new tank, and to Grazia.


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The Upside & RUOK? Tag Team

Barry-Conrad-The-Upside-RUOK 2

Jodhi Meares’ label The Upside has teamed up with R U OK? to create this fresh tank I’m wearing, just launched in Bondi.

All proceeds go back to R U OK? in preventing suicide.  I think you should get one at

A few shots from the launch.



Barry-Conrad-The-Upside-RUOK 1


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Having a big belly laugh on UK.  Great read on shielding the skin and keeping safe in the rays ☀️


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Body + Soul


Since I was 16, health & fitness has been a passion of mine. And these days, it’s never been more of a priority.

In body+soul mag, sharing a bit of what that looks like for me.  Grab a copy from any of these in your state:

Sunday Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail, The Advertiser, NT News, Perth Now and The Mercury.


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