Benefiting From Revisiting

A lot of people don’t know, but back in the day I was pretty handy with a pencil and paper.  I loved to draw.

As a kid I would design things – people, weapons, houses, whatever.  As a teenager I went to a short-course in animation, and even contributed art to my high school’s monthly comic book.  Then, for whatever reason, I just stopped.

And I’m not sure that it’s because I’m under the weather right now and around the house, but today was the first time in what feels like several lifetimes that I decided, “I’m gonna draw something…”.

So I dug the sketch pad that my baby brother, Andre, bought me out of hiding, and – not even knowing where to start – I just started drawing.  And it felt good.  Pretty rusty, but still got it.

Funny how revisiting a creative part of yourself like that can be almost therapeutic.  Pretty cool.  Think I might just have to start doing it some more.


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