“Summer Night Sing-Off!” Goes To…

So it’s about that time, where I’ve gotta announce the winner of my Summer Night Sing-Off!.

To everyone who entered, I need to say the biggest THANK YOU!  The fact that you took time out of your schedule to cover my song is pretty cool & real humbling.  Every submission was so unique, they came from all over: USA, New Zealand, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa & Philippines…  That’s no joke, you guys rock :).

This is only the second competition I’ve hosted, but entries were so strong that it was tougher than ever to deliberate & decide on just one winner!  So I decided to have 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners this time.  1st place will take home the original grand prize though!  Sure I considered every factor: vocals, creativity, social media buzz…  But when it came down to it, I just couldn’t ignore the voting polls.  OK here we go, cue drum roll (haha…).

1st Place Winner goes to an entry that isn’t only clearly blazing the voting polls by a mile, but who also delivered a solid, velvet-smooth performance to a her own backing-track (key-change & all).  From all the way in the UK, I say CONGRATS to our #1 winning entry of the Summer Night Sing-Off!

2nd Place Winner goes to a certain dynamic duo who never fail to bring their own signature brand of quirk & fun to their entries, along with consistently stand-out video quality.  I’m talking about the winners of my Don’t You Think? Sing-Off!, Nicky & Brandon.  You guys really did an amazing job!

3rd Place Winner undoubtedly goes to a real fan favorite.  This guy totally switched my song up, lacing his smooth R&B vocals over a catchy dance Pop track.  I’m talking about Gold  Coast-based singer, Xy.  Love your work bro, so good!

Honorable mentions:

Best Vocal – Lara

Best Visual – Tasha Hohaia

Best Acoustic – Rachel & Biccara

Best Remix – Kareen McBean

Thanks once again to everyone who entered.  I really appreciate it & you should all be very proud of yourselves ;)…  Here’s to the next sing-off!


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