Radar Radio’s “Unsigned Find”

Hey everyone, howzit?

As you know, I’ve just been got added to Radar Radio’s playlist this week (woohoo..!) & this morning I actually did a phone interview with one of their hosts, Byron Cooke.  I’ll keep you posted on when you can hear that, but the reason I’m writing is because I need your help.

Radar is holding a competition called Unsigned Finds, where basically an unsigned artist with the most ‘Likes’ on their profile gets crowned Radar’s Unsigned Find of the month.  If you consider yourself a fan/supporter of my music, I need you to please head to my profile by clicking the pic below, then just hit ‘Like’.  Too easy.  The more the better too, so please spread the word to all your friends & family (that includes the social media world too).

It would really mean a lot to have your support!



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