“One Take” with Tinie Tempah!

While I was at the Usher concert last night, I got the most unexpected email come in on my Blackberry.  The story goes like this…

Melbourne rap duo, Diafrix, have a new single called Simple Man, featuring Daniel Merriweather.  Illusive are holding an event at Oxford Art Factory next week, with UK breakout star, Tinie Tempah, headlining & Diafrix supporting.

Merriweather’s currently globe-hopping between London & NYC, recording his new album, so he can’t be there to perform the single.  After one of Illusive’s producers played their management a demo I’d written/recorded for him (totally unrelated) & checking out more on YouTube, Diafrix have now requested for me to do the show with them!

So I’m officially stepping in for the amazing Daniel Merriweather & joining Diafrix, in support of Tinie Tempah.  What??!  Man…  This week has been like something out of a dream.  So honored & grateful aye…  Click on the pic for more info:



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2 responses to ““One Take” with Tinie Tempah!

  1. lois du plessis

    This is just amazing bud! God is so Awesome hey!!!

  2. Just can’t believe it!

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