In 5 Days…

…I will be revealing the name of my record.

That’s Saturday, Juy 31st.  I dare you to guess, but I don’t think you will (haha…)!

Stay tuned people ;)…



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4 responses to “In 5 Days…

  1. ann jhoy

    i think it will be a self titled album… ^_^
    i can feel your excitement now.. 😉

  2. Tyrone Dan Francis

    Erm maybe be change somewhere?

  3. Leah-Joy

    Is the album titled, ‘The BCS Chronicle’..??
    Uhm…Okay, I suppose if you were an Archaeologist, that might’ve been a good title for your ‘book of adventures’. Hehehe!! 🙂

  4. I give up … cmon.. whatz name:) u promised to tell… saturday almost over!!:)

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