The Royal Dozen

A sequel series to ‘The Regal Twelve’, this new series focuses on twelve of history’s most fascinating men.

Titled ‘The Royal Dozen’, this series is exhibiting at the Australian Centre for Photography this Christmas.  Hope to see you there!!

Opening night: Thurs 25 November 2010 (6.00-8.00pm)

Runs: 26 November to 23 December and then mid January to 29 January.

EDIT: Also, be sure to tune in to ABC on August 8 to catch the Alexia Sinclair being interviewed about ‘The Royal Dozen’!

P.S.  If you guys remember, I recently did a shoot in the character of Hannibal (where I wore chain mail armor haha…).  This is the series that will feature that shot.



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  1. OM good ness!! …. i misunderstood ure invite that u sent on internet… !@ Royal Dozen… (hannibal.. thingie!) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:)

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