Monrose covers “Definition Of A Woman”

Ok.  Been waiting to share this news with you guys for ages, but it wasn’t definite until recently.

A little while back I shared that South African Idols winner, Sasha Lee, recorded my song Definition Of A Woman.  Well, now I can reveal to you guys that German all-female pop band, Monrose, have also recorded the song!  It will be featured on their forthcoming album, LadyLike, scheduled for release on 11 June 2010!

Monrose were formed from the international TV show, Popstars. As of 2010, they’ve sold more than 3 million records.




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8 responses to “Monrose covers “Definition Of A Woman”

  1. mhe-ann palad

    wow! congrats sir! amazing! i’ll search for the lyrics, don’t know yet about that song so far!

  2. mhe-ann palad

    wow! amazing!

  3. Caitlin

    That’s so awesome Barry! Can’t wait to hear it! 🙂

  4. MyMuse

    Here’s a one-minute demo from the Monrose version of Definition of a Woman:

    I think it actually sounds quite different than the Sasha Lee version, which I also like. Both in terms of intrumentation and singing.

    Were you also involved in the production or the post-production of the Monrose version?

    By the way, for those who want to know more about Monrose, you’ll find most of their videoclips in this channel:
    Their upcoming single is “Like a Lady” is rather on top of the channel list. Their other eight videoclips that have been released so far are at the bottom of the list.

    And here are some live performances:

    I would be thrilled to hear a live performance of Definition soon as well 😉

  5. Hi there. Thanks for your kind comment on Definition Of A Woman. No, I wasn’t involved in the production/post-production of the Monrose version. Can’t wait for you to hear it in full soon ;).

  6. ann jhoy

    great! congrats baz! it’s a great song. i hope there will be a version of that song here in the Philippines, i wonder who will cover it.. =)
    more great songs to come…. keep it up! you’re reaching your goals… god bless!

  7. MyMuse

    According to the official Monrose homepage,, it will be possible to listen to all the integral(!) album songs on their MySpace site, tomorrow from 11am (German time).

  8. Feminnem

    wow I’ve heard Monrose version and it sounds great….really good…

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