Indonesia + Philippines Recapped

Well, I’m back in Sydney after a successful tour with Darlene Zschech & team in Indonesia/Philippines.  What an amazing time…

There’s really something to be said about the generosity of spirit & just the kindness of the people in that part of the world aye.  It’s so humbling & kinda really takes you aback when you meet them.  Definitely one of the first things that grabbed me (apart from the sky-high temperatures – it was hot!!)…

Though I get to do this a bit, it’s still a huge privilege & a real treat every single time.  I know that could come across like a typical thing to say, but it’s true.  Pretty cool being able to travel the world doing what I love, but even cooler getting to be part of peoples’ lives being impacted too.  This time was no exception either…  Constantly pinch myself, “Huh?  How the heck did I get here, how did this happen?”.  Definitely counting my blessings…

Tiberius in Jakarta was our first stop.  That was a lot of fun.  The whole team there were just outstanding human beings, which only highlights the experience even more.  And there was definitely no shortage of nasi goreng (haha…).  The food was a huge thumbs up for me.  Especially remember this chocolate cigar dessert I annihilated, definitely a first but hopefully not a last :)…

We then headed to the Philippines, our first stop: Araneta Coliseum in Manila.  We were told only an hour before due being onstage, that we were given the green light from the government officials to even go ahead with the night  How crazy is that?  Talk about stepping out & hoping for the best, right!  More than 12 000 people came out, it sure was some kind of spectacular.  God is awesome…

Lastly, we headed to Naga City to APPEND Conference, only an hour’s flight away.  It was funny, because as we got off the plane, there was this dance group welcoming us with a routine (haha…).  Cool but hilarious!

Where we stayed was one of my faves to date, out on this water-park/reserve type property, each having our own cobana bungalow.  Had a very Survivor feel to it, just the whole vibe (some Survivor training is actually done/filmed there funnily enough).

Before making the final journey home, we flew back to Manila for a day,  where I possibly had the most amazing feast of my life.  Wow…  Even if you’re not a foodie, you would have felt like you were in Food Heaven!  Haha…  All in all, a pretty incredible time to say the least.  Definitely gets a big, resounding ✓…  Oh yeah, I probably drank more Coke this tour than I have the past 10 years.  Yikes..!

Gearing up for USA next week.  Huge thanks to everyone for all the support & big love from me…



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4 responses to “Indonesia + Philippines Recapped

  1. ann jhoy

    i personally thanking you back to inspiring us.. we’re glad to have you here in Manila. we’re very eager to see you again soon. more food to eat? hehehe.. more power and more success for you.
    God bless!

  2. Jonah

    Wow! Soo blessed to know that you and the team enjoyed your stay here in the Philippines. Hope to hear more from you Barry.

    Have a spirit-filled day. Godbless,.=)

  3. kuya!,

    im very far from the stage @araneta lols!

  4. Lencel

    on behalf of APPEND scholars we are really thankful to GOD for bringing you here in the phils and inspired all of us with your praises and worships to HIm..We hope to see you next year for the next summer camp again..hehehe!
    God bless you more..!

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