Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

With Miguel Maestro & Barry Du Bois.
Beautiful morning attending Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea last week, hosted by Cancer Council ambassadors Miguel Maestre and my mate, Barry Du Bois.

Baz opened up and shared bravely about his own battle with cancer and just how significant our contribution to cancer research is.

In our lifetime, we’ll either hear ourselves or someone else say the words: “I have cancer”.  It affects us all.  Personally, supporting this cause means so much to me.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea 2

I’ve learned that drinking tea is a very Australian thing.  That it’s what families do to gather, catch up and just connect with one another to talk about real life.  That’s the significance of why we drank tea at this event too.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea 3

For more info on how you can play a part and make a difference, please visit  No contribution is too small.


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