BCS Fan Art Competition

BCS Fan Art Competition

Hey guys, what’s up?

So lately I’ve been trying to pick my jaw off the floor, ’cause I just can’t believe all the crazy-amazing artwork people are making for me.  Wowsers.  I’ve seriously got the most creative fans ever – where you at?!  So creative that you inspired me to come up with the BCS Fan Art Competition.

Wanna play?  Here’s how:

Step 1

Make some Barry Southgate artwork.  You can use screencaps, X-Factor pics, something hand-drawn – whatever gets your creative engines revving!

Step 2

Include the hashtags: #BarrySouthgate #WhereYouAt #BCSFanArtComp

Step 3

Upload your artwork to Instagram and Facebook.

A Top 3 will be picked based on which three designs have the most combined Instagram/Facebook ‘likes’ by midnight, Monday October 30th (Sydney time).  They’ll then be contacted to find out their personalized prizes.

Ready.  Set.  GO!


ShoutOut to the top 3 BCS Fan Art Comp entries: Amy, Amena & Sophia!  Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter too – I saw every single pic, love them all!

BCS Fan Art Comp Top 3


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