PUMA Hits A Home Run


Last week I had the pleasure of coming home to a sweet delivery from Sweaty Betty PR: the new ACTV compression tights from PUMA.

They’re described as being the first compression product to have built in Kinesiology taping, which is actually clinically proven to assist performance and promote faster recovery.  Sounds pretty impressive just reading that out aloud, right?  I had to give these bad boys a go for myself.

So on a rainy Saturday morning I just did that, threw them on and hit some hills.  And man, let me tell you – they live up to their reputation and a lot more.

Puma ACTV compression tights

First up, they just fit differently to other compression gear I’ve worn.  They’re comfortable, but strong and supportive, plus they feel like they’re actually doing something (if that makes sense).  Also, I definitely noticed a quicker recover than usual.  Working out in these, you just know you’re wearing quality and I highly recommend them.

Get yours at your local retailer, and huge thanks to Sweaty Betty PR for hooking me up!

* Be sure to look out for Sweaty Betty PR founder, Roxy Jacenko, on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.


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