I’m a foodie & proud to say it.  And to anyone who’s been keeping up with me at all, chances are it’s probably no secret to you either.  I love my food.

As much as I’m all for indulging and “smashing” it though, 90% of the time I’m more about leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  Health/fitness is actually a pretty big part of my life.  I can just hear a collective, virtual gasp of shock from my fellow foodies around the world right now, “What do you mean, man?!”.  Go with me here…

If you follow me through social media, you might’ve noticed me started posting about something called, Dietlicious, over the past little while.  Now a few peeps have already been asking & I have to say no, I’m not on a diet.  Definitely not.  But I have found a whole new way of eating well & couldn’t say enough how huge a fan I am of Dietlicious.

Why?  Click my pic down the bottom to find out ;)…


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