Introducing… Freedom Aloud

One of my best friends, Jeremiah Woods, has launched an exciting new company & cause, called Freedom Aloud.  It’s been in the making for a little while & I’m stoked to finally share the news with you guys.

Here’s the full story in Jeremiah’s own words:


My name is Jeremiah Woods.  For a number of years I’ve had a passion for the abolition of human trafficking.  A large part of my resources and efforts went toward this cause alone.  The more I traveled I developed a desire to help other efforts as well.  Traveling allowed me to discover communities of people zealous about the same causes I am: humanitarian and environmental efforts.  This was good but it got me thinking about the causes of others.

“Is everyone passionate about something?” had become the question I wrestled with.  If so, what are they passionate about?  If conversation promotes action, why aren’t we all talking about our passions?  I discovered that I can stand next to others in an elevator for five floors and not say anything about my enthusiasm to anyone; Not say anything about the causes I wish to make LOUD.  I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to get people talking, sharing, and raising money in order to further these efforts.

In 2010 I developed a company designed to give voice to the humanitarian and environmental causes and passions of people everywhere.  FREEDOM ALOUD.  Freedom Aloud company comes with a question attached: What’s your cause?  The goal is to get people talking about their causes and get others involved in its promotion and fund raising.  The colors hold their own significance.  They represent the causes I am ardent about.

RED: humanitarian efforts.

BLUE: clean water projects.

GREEN: environmental efforts.

A portion of the money raised from each product sold will go to the non profit groups giving to those efforts I am fervent about (human, water, and environmental).  However, if there is a large purchase, I will give to the humanitarian or environmental effort of the buyers choice.

FREEDOM is supposed to be made LOUD.  It’s time for humanity to stand up for what we are passionate about.  Make it LOUD.  What’s your cause?

* You can follow Freedom Aloud on Twitter by clicking the pic at the top of this post.


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