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This past weekend, I was truly blessed to experience a day I don’t think I’ll ever forget: the wedding of Jack & Lisa.

You might go, “Yeah, and..?  People get married everyday, big deal…”.  Let me tell you why…

Five years ago, Jack was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer.  He had chemotherapy and over a long period of time recovered, going into remission.  The cancer returned though, forcing him to have a stem-cell transplant, using his brother’s cells.  It was successful and Jack finally proposed to his high-school sweetheart, Lisa.

The cancer came back again.

Jack was told he needed to find a bone marrow donor.  Doctors searched all over and are still yet to find a match.  Still, the couple wanted to go through with their big day.  It was then that Mona – Lisa’s mother – wrote to 2Day FM’s Kyle & Jackie O, asking for help.  Medical bills drained all their savings, leaving them no money to pay for a wedding with.  Kyle & Jackie O called in favors and were graciously offered to pay for their entire wedding.  You can hear the on-air announcement here.

Jack & Lisa saw me open for Brian McKnight last year on tour, and just a couple of weeks ago Lisa’s brother reached out to me on their behalf asking if I’d be the entertainment on their big day.  To say I was severely humbled, completely blown away and incredibly honored, would be the grandest of understatements, wow…  Considering everything Jack had been through, even Lisa, the resilience, strength and joy they wore proudly on Saturday was nothing short of inspiring.

The father/daughter dance song they requested was BRKN RBTZ’ (Brian McKnight’s sons) Marry Your Daughter.  Got word today that this 30-second snippet was actually recorded during that moment, which isn’t much, but I’d like to share it with you guys…

This experience has really woken me up to the importance of giving blood.  How such a simple act for you and I, could literally mean the difference between life and death for someone else.  Man…  It’s just crazy.  Please get along to a blood bank and donate blood, and get your name on the bone marrow registry.

You never know who’s life YOU could save.



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