Love From The Motherland

Glad to be featured in last week’s Sondag Son (Sunday Sun) paper, back in South Africa.   Such a great feeling to have the support of my people in the motherland.

The article is actually in Afrikaans, but shout-out to Tyrone from TeamBCS for kindly taking on the sticky task of translating!  It might read a little funny, but we’ve done the best we can with what they’ve written.  Check it out…


Expat singer misses his people, Southgate makes a good name with the Aussies.

He grew up on the streets of Ottery and can now proudly say he has performed with some of the biggest names, even singing for the Pope.

Barry Southgate’s (28) dream came alive in Sydney (Australia) after he and his family in emigrated in 1999.  In his short music career, Southgate has already been the opening act for Soul and R&B artists, Brian McKnight, Tinie Tempah, Eric Benet and Joe.

Singing is not his only talent, for Southgate is also a model from one of New Zealand’s most famous model agencies.

In 2004 he became known in Australia as a favorite on the second season of the famous reality TV series, Australian Idol.  He was the only non-wildcard contestant invited to appear before millions of viewers on the show’s final at the Sydney Opera House.  After Idol,Southgate did a PR tour for the television network.

He also wrote songs for Sasha-Lee Davids and last year recorded and released a Pop/Soul EP titled, Epitome, of which the songs have received airplay on New Zealand radio.

Southgate is also featured in the Australian film, The Sapphires, with famous foreign artists like Jessica Mauboy.

There remains a great void in the singer’s life and it’s his desire to visit Cape Town.  “I’d love to go back.  It’s where I was born, my roots …”, said Southgate.

There’s a lot about Cape Town that he misses, but most importantly he his other relatives and friends he left behind.  “There’s so much I miss about Cape Town!  I’d say my family and friends first, then all of the above you mentioned.  The people, culture and of course the food!  Boerewors, gatsby, samosas, curry …  All that good stuff.”

“Not sure about a permanent move back, but hey …  Never say never!  Who knows what the future holds?”

He feels there is still much in his career and hopes to one day collaborate with Adele and Bruno Mars.

“I’d like to take what I do to the world.  To make an impact and leave a legacy through my music and career for something a lot bigger than just me.”

Southgate is now writing new songs and music.


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