The Eric Benet Experience

Still can’t believe I got to support Eric Benet last week in Sydney.  It’s hard to put into words what it’s like when you come face to face with someone you listened to as far back as the CD Discman (who remembers those things?).  It’s crazy man…  Really was an incredible experience.

Watching Eric perform, I got schooled completely, the man’s skill is ridiculous.  Like Joe & Brian McKnight before that, hearing him sing live was like listening to the record – really that good.  Learned a lot watching him.  He’s a cool guy too, was surreal getting to meet him & talk about Twitter (haha…).  Huge shout-out to Delta Bravo Presents for having me, I loved it.

All of that aside, it was just cool to catch up friends too.  A lot of the time (especially when it comes to mates in the industry) everyone’s busy 24/7, it’s like mission impossible to pin each other down.  So events & shows like these are almost kinda like high school reunions, everyone’s excited to see each other (haha…).  Fun times.  A few snaps from the night…

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