Open Call | “Summer Night Sing-Off!”

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

Leading up to the release of Epitome, I’m teaming up again with Vegas Clothing to hold the Summer Night Sing-Off!” competition.  How it works:

You record your own version of my song – whether with a full band, stripped back acoustic style, acapella, or even just singing along to the YouTube video – & upload it to YouTube.  You can stick close to the original or get as creative with it as you want: remix it, totally flip the musical style…  Whatever your interpretation of the song is.

Then e-mail your YouTube links (or videos), along with your name & location, to  The winner will be decided on a combination of: the most ‘Likes’ on Facebook, YouTube views & overall feedback/comments.  So basically, the more you get your friends & family involved, the better your chances are at winning this thing!

Entries close August 7.  Now for the “What do I win?” part…  As well as being featured on my website, the winning entry will receive an exclusive prize pack including: a barrington bow-tie, autographed poster, Vegas Clothing merchandise & a personal phone call from me.

This competition is open to EVERYONE.  Whether you’re a working pro in the biz, or just think it would be fun to give a crack, it doesn’t matter.  It’s open to both male & female, solo singers or groups, regardless of age & where you live.

Lyrics are on the video above & remember, entries close in just a few weeks, so get singing!  Good luck ;)…



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2 responses to “Open Call | “Summer Night Sing-Off!”

  1. this will be fun…

  2. xy

    yeah leggo!!

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