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Another Brian McKnight tour verdict has come in, this time from John Delaney of Music Tour Review.

Here’s an excerpt:

Within the busy CBD area of the downtown of Australia’s capital, Sydney, lies a concert hall that goes be the name of the Metro Theatre.  With the doors opening at 8:00PM, local Barry Southgate takes the stage at twenty after.

Barry, who was born in South Africa, made his way to Australia at a young age.  Growing up listening to one of his idols, Mr. Brian McKnight, Barry could have only dreamed of touring with him.  Now Barry is touring his home country as an opener/guest act for the iconic McKnight proving that he is going to go far.  Southgate started off by covering Katy Perrys, California Gurls, to explain that I bet none of the listeners were expecting a Katy Perry song at a Brian McKnight concert.  Following that he did another pop cover of UK star Jessie J’s Price Tag.  Being a pop music junkie, that was the highlight of my night.  Barry then continued by performing an original gospel song, and finished with his hit single ‘Don’t You Think?’.  After a short, but sweet set, Barry had already set a high bar for the following acts to perform under.

Still haven’t gotten used to the press/review side of things.  It is a pretty cool thing to be recognized for what you do though.  Glad about it…  Huge thanks to John Delaney & team for the support ;).  For the full scoop, including pics, click the Music Tour Reviews icon above.


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