Q&A Time

What’s up everyone?  Hope you’re doing great.

As you may know, I took out the #1 spot for Radar Radio’s Unsigned Find comp for the month of April.  Part of the prize means I get to do my own radio show.  Fun times…  It will be recorded later this week, filmed for Radar Radio’s website & played all week long.  Here’s how YOU come in..

Apart from playing my own & other favorite tunes, I really wanted to involve my amazing fans.  So I’m taking your questions & answering them on air.  Please send all Q’s to thebcsmovement@gmail.com, with the subject header “Radar Radio Question”, along with where you’re from.  Feel free to ask as many as you want, but know that for time’s sake I’ll only be able to answer one per person.  Even then, time on the show is limited, so be quick!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys…


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