“Epitome” | The Songs

Wow…  What a wait.

Finally sharing these song titles with you guys, can’t believe it.   Pretty great feeling though :)…

Well, in no particular order, here they are:


The Fall

This is a fun, uptempo tune about falling for someone so hard, that you’re scared of moving too fast & turning them off (haha…).

Lyric excerpt: “Like you’re halfway up on a wall, almost reach the top and next thing you know…  Then comes the fall…”.


Don’t You Think?

You all know this one.  Just a universal, feel-good Pop/Soul song!

Lyric excerpt: “Man, girl you’re a tough act to follow, I wanna be the one to light up your tomorrow…”.


Summer Night

This is the real love song of the project.  About being in love, but having distance pull you apart.  Richard Marx & the storytelling approach of Country music really inspired me throughout Epitome, but more than ever on this song.  Really wanted to capture that classic ballad feel, while still keeping things modern.

Lyric excerpt: “And miles begin to fade, as we laugh the nights away…”.



The most R&B/Soul leaning track of the record, this is laced with a sick drum loop & wall-to-wall background vocals.  It actually came to me while hanging out laundry, true story (haha…).  The late, great King Of Pop (especially his Off The Wall record) really inspired my vocal stylings on Epitome & diehard fans will be able to hear that influence on this track.

Lyric excerpt: “Funny how life kinda takes you places, that you’ve always dreamt but never thought you’d go…”.


Against A Wall

This song (for me) is the most personal song on the whole project.  Anyone can relate to feeling like they’re against a wall in some way, whether in a relationship, at their school/workplace, financially, emotionally, spiritually…  The list goes on.  Set against Pop/Rock leaning production, this one reaches almost a vocally orchestral climax at the end.

Lyric excerpt: “Standing with dust in my eyes out on the edge of a street, trying to get across, is what it feels like when you’re…  Against a wall…”.



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