Feature | ZM’s “The Word”

New Zealand’s hit music station, ZM 91.0, have just started playing my single, Don’t You Think?.


For this song to make it to the biggest commercial radio station in New Zealand – as an unsigned artist – is a real breakthrough & milestone to me.  Especially being a NZ citizen.  I mean, this is just a single from an EP..??  I’m just completely humbled & thankful.

Here is the feature they’ve put together for ZM’s The Word.  Thanks so much to the whole ZM team, your support means the world to me ;)…



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2 responses to “Feature | ZM’s “The Word”

  1. Hey there! I visited the site today! Sooo glad for you BCS!
    Hooooray! God bless you with the launch of your upcoming release of you
    EP! All the best alwaysb!:)

  2. That so rox B! Congrats… I’m not surprised tho… cuz you are very talented and good hearted!

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