Open House LIVE rehearsal

Last December, I performed at Hope 103.2 FM’s Open House, which was broadcasted live.  Along with an interview, it was the first live performance of Don’t You Think?.

I had the pleasure of up-and-coming R&B sister trio, Favour, doing background vocals for me on the night too.  And man…  Their vocal blend is killer!

Now a rehearsal video has just surfaced on YouTube.  Check it out here…


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One response to “Open House LIVE rehearsal

  1. I saw it & it was really gr8 to watch Barry!
    Many a times when artists perform their music live
    .. their is a distinct difference between their live performance
    & the recorded song. I must say you have somehow managed to
    Bridge the gap!! I also have to agree with you that your backing vocals are stunning!
    They really blend very well together!
    All the best for the future.
    Carol-anne Cloete

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