Keep Music Alive

It’s funny.  All day I’ve been thinking over the state of our music industry.  Recently, I was made aware of free download links to my new single online, which just kinda made me go, “Wow…”.

I mean, sure, it’s really nothing new.  I see free download links to songs of my favorite artists online all the time.  The game’s just different now & these days it’s kinda inevitable.  But you never really think it will happen to you & when it does…  Well, I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest feeling of all time :).  Anyways, next thing I log on to Facebook tonight to find that my friend, Tania Doko, posted something along the same lines as a status update:

“I’m amazed that people won’t spend $1.69 to buy a song off itunes. I mean it’s not like I’m surprised, but I’ve just found a squillion youtube videos of Joyride(our new single) with free download links to the song. What does the future hold for artists and making a living from what we create? Lucky we have many strings to our bow, and we won’t be beaten :).”

Usually, I keep things fairly middle-of-the-road, but in this case I can only echo what she said.  And it’s not about going on a finger-pointing spree or anything crazy, I just want to encourage anyone reading:

Please support the artists you enjoy by buying their music.

It not only shows respect to the artist for all the hard work invested into those 3 or 4 minutes of what’s now that ace tune you’ve got on repeat 24/7.  It’s actually what keeps our industry alive & healthy.  On a very practical level, it just enables artists to keep (freely) creating.  The harsh reality is that piracy – of all kinds, not just in music – kills many dreams.

Please don’t steal music guys.  If you like what you hear, go ahead & buy that record ;).

Much love…



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2 responses to “Keep Music Alive

  1. I agree! Sad that people will not go the honest route!
    Thanks for the blog& making us aware of what’s going down in music industry!
    I’m always amazed when people have pirated movies before the release date( RSA)
    Bit worrying though that authorities have not cracked down on culprits who are either shipping it into our
    Countries or hiding out& producing these imitation movies! Sorry going on a tangent,
    But I understand the dilemna artists are experiencing out there!
    You deserve to eat the reward of your hardwork& benefit from it financially.
    Good day BCS!

  2. It’s literally like going into your local store & walking out with a free item.

    Exact same thing.

    Because it’s online, you might not get caught out, because nobody really sees. But it’s straight-out theft, plain & simple.

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