And The Winner Is…

It’s been a long wait, but I’m glad to finally announce the winner of the Don’t You Think? Sing-Off! competition.

All the entries were super creative & unique in their own way, I need to give a huge thanks to everyone who entered!  They came from all over: USA, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa & Philippines, to name a few.

One entry in particular though, didn’t just have the most hits & ‘Likes’ (a huge deciding factor), but also a great blend of humor & artistic direction that made it a favorite among many.

Congratulations … Nicky Liberty!

Honorable mentions:

Best Vocal Performance – Anneliese Meywes

Best Remix – Ringo



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2 responses to “And The Winner Is…

  1. Congrats Nicky Liberty!!yeeeeah!
    &honouable mentions !!! You guyz deserve to win!!!!!!

  2. annjhoy

    really nice version.. really worth the price nicky! you and your group made an awesome video. congratulations!

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