Christmas Day Treats

Me smaaashing Christmas lunch just before. Must have had about 10 plates! Haha… Was sooo good man .

Ooooh & here’s dessert. Christmas cake w/ custard, Pavlova cake, warm fruit & ice cream. Mmmmmmm…

Haha. Got my work cut out for me after this holiday season. But I’m cool with that!



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4 responses to “Christmas Day Treats

  1. Hi.. I am starting my workout tomorrow!!
    Like food but dnt want to be a rolly polly!
    I’m tooo tiny to have weight issues… Christmas time is normally
    My time to enjoy food but in moderation!you
    Must however njoy your time at home on your terms! Njoy:)
    God bless!!!

  2. Princess Terri

    Ok, Bro Barry, I think I need some recipes from you! Hiya!!

  3. Carol-anne: Haha. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

    Princess Terri: Haha. You mean, from my mom!

  4. Princess Terri

    Yes, please I would like a copy of your mom’s cookbook! (:

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