“Don’t You Think? Sing-Off!”

In just over a month of it being out, here are versions of Don’t You Think? that have been sent to me from all over (USA, Holland, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland… bananas!).  Blown away completely.

The creativity shown, and just the fact that people have taken time out of their day to do this, is really humbling.  So good man…  Check some of them out:



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2 responses to ““Don’t You Think? Sing-Off!”

  1. Lisa

    I like Nicky and her partner’s entry.

  2. Hi there my fellow BcS movement peeps & Dont You think Contestants!!!!!!
    All the best to all the contestants!!!!! I really think this was one exciting journey to have participated in.
    Thanks Barry for giving us the opportunity to be part of the release of your song & for making it soo much fun to be part of BcS movement!!!
    God bless
    Carol-anne 🙂

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