Memories Of Calcutta

How could I forget?

As I sit here the day after returning to my comfortable life in Sydney, I just can’t shake vivid images of what I saw in Calcutta (India) that have been etched into mind.  This tour has been one of the most impacting experiences I’ve ever had…

Joyce Meyer’s Festival Of Life (with Darlene Zschech) went amazing.  With each night, the number of people who came out from across India only grew larger, despite sky-high temperatures.  One family – though the husband only gets three days off a year – travelled almost 2000 miles on those days off just to bring his family.  Wow…

I feasted on some of the best food.  Even bumped into reality TV personality, Tiffany “New York” Pollard while there (as you do haha…).  There were lots of fun times for sure.  But for me, the most memorable moments were off stage…

The day we visited Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Centre had such an effect on me.  Visiting her tomb, walking where she walked… Seeing the actual room she resided in for all those years – a humble, simple, tiny space with what only barely resembled an average-sized bed, a little table & not much else…  It’s like you could feel the weight of what this woman carried just being there.  Unbelievable.  It’s not a feeling I could ever really verbalize or muster up on this blog.

Then visiting the orphanage, holding those babies & coming face to face with unspeakable poverty – 0n top of everything else – was like, “Man…”.  It’s a very confusing, somewhat unjust, thing to go from your comfortable world one moment, to the absolute lowest of the low the next, then back again.  Made me feel, like, “What am I even doing?”

I’m still processing it all…



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9 responses to “Memories Of Calcutta

  1. annjhoy

    it’s just one way of God saying that we’re blessed to be a blessing for others.. we could still help… even in our own little way..

  2. princy berson

    thank you so much for your love towards this great nation..we are truly blessed through and my family met you@Mother’s house..Love You guys
    ben, princy, shalmonne, zoe & tehillah

  3. Reni Thara Kumar

    Hi Barry,
    It is great to know that you had a memorable trip to Calcutta, India. I am an Indian and was with Hillsong college in last year, may be you remember me by face.

    Keep pray for my country. A lots to be done in this land.

    God bless you and your heart.


  4. Kevin

    Hey Barry…it was a real blessing to have you guys here at calcutta. I was part of the sound crew and was helping at the monitor desk at the indoor venue…Real blessing to be with you guys. God bless ur heart with all the wonders of this creation…

  5. Thanks so much, Kevin. We had the best time, thanks for helping everything run so smoothly for us.

  6. You guys are in my prayers…

  7. It was so special meeting you guys. We were so blown away that you traveled all that way just to come… Wow.

  8. That’s very, very true.

  9. suresh

    Hey !Barry I am so happy to see you in festival of life .It was a great oppurtunity for me to receive the blessing of God.

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