EP | Mike “Big Mike” Clemons

What’s up everyone?  I bring this update to you all the way from Calcutta (India).  We just arrive a couple of hours ago & it’s 5.15am (haha…).  I’m here on tour with Darlene Zschech, really excited about our time here.

Pretty stoked to share with you all that drummer Mike “Big Mike” Clemons will be joining Epitome.

Even though the record is technically finished, there was a song in particular I just really wanted to flip up & give a new spin, you know?  I immediately though of my friend, Mike, seeing as we’re both part of New Breed (of Israel & New Breed).

Apart from Israel Houghton, he’s played for the likes of Usher, SWV (he’s the husband of the lead singer, Coko) & Mary J. Blige.  It’s bananas…

The guy is just ridiculously talented & I’m way beyond blessed to have him play on Epitome :)…


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