Team BCS

How’s it going everyone?

I’ve just recently returned to Sydney after a month away in America, working with Israel Houghton & New Breed, as well as Darlene Zschech.  In between that, also working on the finer details of my forthcoming EP, Epitome.

With post-production wrapping up, I’m getting more & more excited about you guys (finally..!) having this record in your hands aye.  It’s been my biggest labor of love so far &, man, I’m just so stoked about getting this thing out (haha…)!

I’ve received a lot of messages from people asking how they can be involved in this project.  Well, if that’s you, please keep reading, because as of today I’m officially recruiting people to be part of Team BCS.

Whether you’re a fan or just genuinely passionate about good music & sharing good music with people, this is for you.  All you have to do is e-mail with the header, “Yes BCS!”, along with your country & a few lines about yourself.  And the great thing about it is it doesn’t matter where you live either.  This is a global campaign, so this is a global invitation.

Looking forward to “meeting” all the B-Teamerz soon!  Much love…



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6 responses to “Team BCS

  1. ann jhoy

    yeah! it’s a good idea baz! count me in! ^_^

  2. Pleasure to be of assistance in whichever
    Way Barry! God bless:)

  3. Hi there! I think this is brilliant idea!
    Sorry can’t follow you today! Network problems
    Be safe. Take care

  4. Kevin

    Hwy Barry its Kevin from Brooklyn NYC I’m down to join the team

  5. hello barry. What good ideas have created. You can count on me I want to be part of it! God will continue keeping you love

  6. Mary-Anne de Luca

    I love communicating with people about good things count me in!

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