What Are You Here For?

Late tonight I was listening to a great interview and during it, the guest on there went on to share a quote.  It really kind of stopped me in my tracks, I couldn’t help but click rewind so I could hear it again:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

– Henry David Thoreau


The guest was saying how so many people sit in offices all across the world – or not even just offices,  any job – and they die that little bit more inside everyday, because they know they’re not fulfilling what they were really put on earth to do.  Man…  That is such a sad, yet profound, truth.

It really made me take a step back and examine my life objectively aye, provoking the question, “What am I doing, is it really what I was made for? And if not, how can I change it?”

Thank God, I’ve already seen parts of my dream come to pass and continue to see it.  It sure takes a whole lot of prayer and hard work though, and there’s still so much more.  But I never want to lose focus and settle for a life of just existing on Mediocre Avenue.  Because the road map to that place isn’t a baton – though generically conventional, most likely comfortable and somewhat predictable –  I want to pass on to anyone once my time’s up.

Mediocrity is no legacy.

I want to truly live … and make sure I never stop living.



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4 responses to “What Are You Here For?

  1. Babalwa

    Thank u so much for sharing such encouraging words. I definitely needed that today as a reminder.

  2. ann jhoy

    Wow!.. yeah that’s right…
    i’ll quote that..”Mediocrity is no legacy” . there will be nothing without trying right?
    this makes me think.. 😉

  3. Well said!
    Very few people decide to live a life beyond Mediocrity and attempt to dream big.
    The road map to a life which leaves a legacy usually means creating new roads that are yet to be on the “map”. I cannot think of anything greater than leaving a legacy where you create a new road for people to walk in and for them to believe ANYTHING is possible.

    Know that your life is impacting others and paving a way for others to dream and dare to live a life God created them to live

    🙂 Krystle

  4. Its certainly a plague that has hit our generation. Everything promises to do everything for us for less effort. Although it is a noble cause to help humanity do stuff more efficiently, it has backfired and now we don’t do anything at all. On my blog imakandomusho.blogspot.com I implore people to do their best. Check it out

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