Pop Smash Debut For Monrose

Charts are in & I’m officially part of my very first Top 10 album as a songwriter!  German pop band, Monrose.  Gotta celebrate woohoo…!!

Massive congratulations to the girls of Monrose – Mandy, Senna & Bahar – on LadyLike being their fourth Top 10 album!  What an achievement.

Also a huge shout-out to Paulini & Gary Pinto whom I also get the pleasure of sharing this project with.  We hear it’s actually the first time that two 100% Australian-made songs have ever been featured on an album in that territory, so it makes me very proud & grateful as a songwriter to be part of it.

Here’s to the future :)…



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6 responses to “Pop Smash Debut For Monrose

  1. Awe man Congrats! hard work pays off…

  2. MyMuse

    Well, first things first: Congrats 🙂

    Definition is actually one of my four favorite tracks from Ladylike (besides Don’t Take it Personal, This is me and No, no, no). The song is very strong. Monrose sing it with a lot of power and some ‘dirt’ in their voices. The background is very electronic and groovy, but the voices stay pure and really carry the whole song. And I really love the soft middle part with many emotional adlibs, directly followed by a really crazy electronic solo. This song is full of contrasts. Oh yeah, and it is a song that actually has a sensible text, which is not always for granted in pop music 😉

    It is nice to see a composer being so interested in the final album and sharing his thoughts in the Web. Because as an end consumer, I often have the impression that the composers are rather “invisible” to us.

    Actually, since I have the chance to have found a communicative composer, here follow some questions:

    – What was your first reaction when you’ve learned your song has been picked for Ladylike? I guess you felt honored, but also had to google up who this band actually was?

    – How do you like the arrangement and interpretation? After all, it is really different to the Sasha Lee version. Isn’t it a strange feeling to rediscover a song that you have written yourself? To check out what other people have done to it?

    – How does it come that so many songs are nowadays co-composed by multiple composers? Sometimes even living in different countries?

    – Nowadays, it is really impressive how many persons are involved into the production of an album like Ladylike. If I look at the credits, there are so many composers, producers, sound engineers, an A&R, a vocal coach, some instrumentalists, and of course the Monrose ladies themselves involved. Not even to speak of side-jobs as doing a cover design, shooting the photos, promoting the album online and in the medias… Even for a successful album, it must be hard for all these people to earn their living from it, if you consider that tracks are sold for 1 Euro on iTunes… and many people even pirate them. Must be a tough job you have, no?

    – But it is still fun to write music, I guess? 😉

  3. ann jhoy

    it’s a blessing! you’re good at writing songs so continue to share your talent and let other people be inspired too. =)

  4. Debbie Southgate

    Congratulations Barry, so proud of you.

  5. Thanks so much for the love, really appreciate it ;)…


    – My first reaction was of course excitement. For sure! I was really honored & grateful to have the song make the final album.

    – Yeah, it is different to the version Sasha-Lee did. The thing with songwriting is that you’ve almost got to be prepared let the song go (in a way). Allowing an artist to put their own spin on a song is really important aye. If anything, it’s interesting & yes, kind of a strange feeling too..!

    – Easily… For example: if I write to a track that an overseas producer sends me, then we’re both listed as co-writers of the song. Because I conceived the song over the music that they composed. Make sense?

    – It’s a tough industry to be in, period. But with musicians, vocal coaches, cover design, promotion – all those “side-jobs” you listed – that doesn’t necessarily affect the income stream (royalties etc…) a songwriter receives from record sales & airplay.

    It’s the best fun creating music, yes :).

    Hope I’ve answered your questions.

  6. Melisa

    I Love the Song! 🙂
    Congratulations! 😉

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