EP | Drew Ramsey & Ben Shive

Hey everybody, what’s up?  I bring you this update via beautiful Harare (Zimbabwe).  Wow…  This country is so surreal aye, it’s an absolute privilege being here – crazy!

I’m real happy to share with you guys that Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer, Drew Ramsey, & piano/keyboard maistro, Ben Shive, have come onboard my project.  Gotta say that the results so far are really exciting aye (understatement!).

Drew’s worked with artists such as Michael McDonald, India Aarie, Babyface, Eric Benet & Marc Brousard.  Ben Shive has worked with artists such Dave Barnes & Sara Groves.  It’s a huge honor to have these gentlemen work on my project, man…  Really can’t wait for you guys to hear ;).

Ben Shive

Drew Ramsey

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One response to “EP | Drew Ramsey & Ben Shive

  1. ann jhoy

    looking forward to hear your songs nominated for Grammy too. =) it’ll be surely a great EP.
    you have a great talent + great people behind your music and a great God be your side…
    keep being an inspiration man.. =)

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