New Breed Moments

For a couple of years now, I’ve been mega blessed to be a part of a movement founded by Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Israel Houghton.

More than just a typical band or group though, New Breed is really a family.  One that spans the globe too – I’m actually not the only South African, yesss (haha…).  The one common thread that unites us is taking the message of Jesus to the world.   Not in a whacky, spooky way, but in a way that’s relevant, relatable & just real to young people.

We recently released the very first New Breed album (usually it’s Israel & New Breed) titled Generation Love & I highly recommend it ☺!  Seriously though, if you’re looking for something positive & soul-lifting, be sure to pick it up on iTunes.   Here’s a pic of the gang in Houston last year:

And below is a fly-on-the-wall insight put together just for you guys.  Hope you’re really blessed by it…



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3 responses to “New Breed Moments

  1. Adriel Oliveira

    Bro… that video was SOOOOOO amazing….
    Man, thats REAL MUSIC!

    i loved it!

  2. Tyrone Dan Francis

    … Im waiting ages for the cd to hit the shelves here in Durban man… Or is only available on

  3. Macu Pilime

    I really love this video. It’s snippets of greatness. WOW!! is what I can say.
    Thanks so much Barry and don’t forget to take out the “thrash” Barry

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