Public Perception VS Personal Selection

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

A kind fan sent me this: “…out of all the singers/actors/artists I follow on Twitter, you are the only one who responds to my tweets.”

Now I’m not blowing any trumpets, because – to be honest – I hardly get back to everyone.  But it really stirred the question: “When was it ok to be exclusive?”

We are people & we are all the same aye. Don’t ever think “status” justifies a right to pick & choose who’s “worth” responding to.  Like, what the..?

Yes – it’s unrealistic to get back to every single person. I totally get that. But it’s so important to treat people consistently aye.

And if you’re wondering why I titled this note Public Perception VS Personal Selection, it’s ’cause too often people choose who to associate with, based on how it would be perceived publicly.  I unapologetically post this as a wake-up call for anyone needing to be reminded that…

…People matter.



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2 responses to “Public Perception VS Personal Selection

  1. Love this Barry. So true!
    Taking the time to care can change a life.
    The moments matter!

    Thanks for caring.
    God bless u heaps.

  2. SIMPLICITY, HUMILITY, CARE AND ATTENTION TO THE NEXT … qualities neglected and forgotten by most of which unfortunately can only see themselves … I am very pleased to see that there are still people who care not to let himself be taken by selfishness and a false sense of superioridade.We are people-equal-, each one special form. Preserve the simplicity, as rare and valuable makes you notice a difference, not “status”, but “character” in the midst of so much selfishness
    God bless

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