The BCS Movement

Formed from my initials (Barry Conrad Southgate), The BCS Movement is not just the banner & blanket term for all things Barry Southgate, it’s also my acronym for “Bring Change Somewhere”.

It’s so important to me for it to have this dual meaning.

My hope is that it inspires you in some way to make a positive difference & help someone wherever you are – whatever your circumstance, no matter what your idea of “change” looks like. It could be a smile, a word of encouragement, financial help during a tough time, a gift… Whatever you feel to do.

It really makes no difference how simple or radical your expression of it, because change is still change.


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  1. You are a such a AMAZING boy Barry! Great explanation of the change idea, can’t wait ’til receive the news in my email \o/

    God bless ya!

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