Two wrongs = Right..?

Hey all, what’s up?  Hope you’ve all got a relaxing weekend ahead.  Mine’s already started here in Australia & is going great so far :).

I wanted to take to my blog to write about a current, very public disgrace involving a certain top golfer.  From headlines screaming at me from every direction, to “water-cooler” comments made by every other person I’ve caught up with this week, it’s been kinda hard to avoid.  I’m sure you all know who I’m referring to…

This whole Tiger Woods debacle really bothers me aye.

Yes, I know what he did was beyond wrong, that’s undeniable.  But people getting kicks out of gossiping about it..?  I know fame & privacy don’t have the easiest relationship, but that’s disgusting.  And some of the worst offenders of it are Christians.  That’s not ok…

I really hope pastors don’t turn this into a Sunday sermon.  We have enough problems/flaws of our own to deal with.  The church pulpit should not be a vehicle for “holy” gossip.  No such thing.  At the same time, I want to insist that I don’t for a second think infidelity is ok either.  Of course, there will always be consequences to our actions & we should be prepared to pay for what we choose to order in life.  But that’s a whole ‘nother blog altogether!

Society today is becoming so increasingly desensitized to pop culture & the idea of “celebrity”, it’s like they don’t even think of them as actual human beings.  That it’s somehow ok to be extra negative towards them, saying things they wouldn’t even normally say about anyone (go figure!), all because they’re in the public eye?  I don’t know about you, but that to me is just downright scary…

Quite often, peoples’ response to that would go something like this: “Well, they asked for it.  They knew what they were in for when they got famous.  Everyone knows your business anyway, it’s normal, it just comes with it!  They’re rich, they’ll be fine…”.  That’s a poor excuse.  At the end of the day – with or without fame & money – people are people.

Just because a celebrity shames themselves, it doesn’t make you & I any more decent as human beings when we choose to follow the status quo & involve ourselves in regurgitating gossip…

Two wrongs = Right..?  Hardly.


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4 responses to “Two wrongs = Right..?

  1. Princess Terri

    Unfortunately the church is dealing with infidelity just like the world. So I think it would be ok for Pastor’s to use this situation with Tiger as a teachable moment if they are led to by the Holy Spirit. Families are God’s idea, and we know the enemy wants to destroy what God has ordained. Healthy families = healthy churches.

    I agree it shouldn’t be used as a “sermon” or to promote gossip in the pulpit by itself, but it could have value if used to teach on the destructiveness of infidelity within the confines of a real sermon.

    Make sense? I hope.

    Your Sister in Christ~

  2. DAB

    Yeah. So with you there. Everyone has a bit of mess in their lives. His just gets played out publicly and the truth is we should be really glad it’s not us. And those of us who are called publicly – take note: there are no secrets. I’m all for whole families. I hope he & his wife can find their way to wholeness.

  3. Princess Terri

    One more thought….I think athletes, actors, singers, musicians, pastors/preachers etc that travel a lot, and that are married, should take their spouses with them as much as possible, or a trusted companion. Spouse or parent or brother/sister would provide protection/covering against the temptation to stray.

    Your Sister in Christ~

  4. speak it bro…..seems like no one wants speak the ballance anymore…..and christians need to share our hearts if and when God convicts us as we all have a bit of Gods heart in us……

    true why point our fingers at others…..without jesus who are we???

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