Hey everyone, how’s it going?

So I’ve finally succumbed (or I should say “awakened”…) to the world of online blogging.  It feels good though & I’m kind of doing this at the right time.

This blog will be a place where I’ll share my thoughts & happenings.  Apart from it being a good way to streamline things a bit (as opposed to starting up a zillion-&-one different social networking profiles…), it’s an exciting new way for me to rekindle my love affair with writing/journaling.

Thanks heaps for stopping, hope you enjoy what you read :)…



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4 responses to “Welcome

  1. Great hear from you by blog Barry! this is a fabulous to share about the great things of God in our lives.
    I’ll follow it!
    God bless ya!

    Larissa Pereira

  2. Glove

    Brother B : )

    Much love my frend. I’m anticipaing great things from this new outlet for you : ) No pressure – just looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts… can’t wait to catch up for real bro.

    See ya soon,


  3. Maz

    So far so good Conrad…….

  4. Olga Gaitan

    Yayy.. am followin’ fo’ sho..

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