Toronto | NYC Tour ······✈

Hey people, what’s up?  How was the weekend?  Hope you’re all doing well.

So I got back from Toronto/NYC tour just last Wednesday.  Was my very first time to Toronto, so I was pretty stoked.  It’s funny, I was telling Darlene Zschech on the flight over…

When I was 19, this producer actually tried to coax me into coming over there to do music.  Actually ended up getting the working holiday visa & money saved up, the whole thing.  Then at the very last minute he pulled the plug.  Was devastated aye.  But Darlene was like, “Now you get to go to Toronto on your own terms…”. What a blessing.

Some highlights from TDot (aka Toronto): playing Air Canada Centre (Canada’s biggest venue), eating Joyce Meyer’s chicken parmesan (haha), trying Canadian bacon (it’s actually really good aye!) & Tim Hortons coffee (like Starbucks but way better – uh oh, probably won’t gain many fans with that comment haha…).  Kinda weird but cool how they’ve got hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere too.

New York.  My favorite city in the world :).  Was there for Brooklyn Tabernacle.  Did two two-hour sessions back to back.  People were beyond expectant & passionate, they were schooling us!  Pretty incredible.

Apart from BT, NYC highlights included eating at BBQ’s (check the pic, ’nuff said haha…) & Amy Ruth’s (my favorite soulfood restaurant in Harlem).  And on the final night, we rolled into West Village, took in some hot live jazz at Fat Cat & smashed some New York pizza (nothing like it!).

Coming back home, was straight into work for me: teaching & gigging (performed live Friday, Saturday & Sunday night on the jetlag train haha…).  I’ll be back in the lab from tomorrow to finish the vocals for my project & gigging on the weekend.  Next week I’m off to Houston for a few weeks to be with Israel Houghton & from there I travel on to San Antonio to be with Darlene Zschech.

Life’s pretty full right now & I’m being way stretched.  But how can I complain?  I’m living in answered prayers & life could be a whole lot worse..!  Man…  So grateful.

Peace out & much love ;)…



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6 responses to “Toronto | NYC Tour ······✈

  1. I love your food fotos. Huge fan of everything BCS!

  2. Luisa Zoing

    hi barry,

    Looks like you having an amazing time and wown did you eat all that??? It looks really yummy..hahahahaha.
    GOD bless you and stay safe…..

  3. ann jhoy

    being in TDot .. is like saying it is God’s plan. you being there in the right time, with the right persons with you to enjoy. ^_^

  4. broosedagoose

    mean experiences bro-your food way better than Dennys-bless you man!!!.

  5. Susan: Thanks :).

    Luisa: How did I eat all that? Very easily & very happily (haha…).

    Ann: Definitely enjoyed it.

    Broosedagoose: Haha. Yeah but nothing beats hanging w/ great friends!

  6. OMG you were in town and I didn’t now… how did I miss that???

    Glad you had fun here in our fair city and glad you didn’t melt. It sure has been hot!

    Glad u tried Timmies, tho I am still a Starbucks fan.

    Really glad u had fun, on your OWN terms this time. We had just met when u were going to come to Canada the first time. Time flies eh….

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