Recording in progress ♫…

Hey all, how are you all doing?

Right now, I’m just getting things prepped for this next week’s studio sessions. After what’s felt like a lifetime of delays & so much waiting, I’m excited to finally be recording vocals for my very first record.

It’s an EP (for all those who don’t know, it stands for “extended play”…), which is typically longer (in running time…) than a single, but shorter than a full-blown album.  Hope that gives you a better idea.

Pretty excited about the tunes.  I’ve worked hard on them & am really excited about sharing the new music with you all when it’s done.  To the people who tirelessly send me kind messages of encouragement & support, I want to say a massive “Thank You…”. Means a lot.

“An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.” Proverbs 12:25

Wherever you are, take care, have fun & I’ll write again soon ;)…



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6 responses to “Recording in progress ♫…

  1. Maz


  2. God bless your plans for music, inspiring you, supporting, encouraging, keeping this wonderful voice and you can enjoy the achievements of success in this new project.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift that God gave you!
    God bless you more each day =)

  3. andrew

    wow exciting bro, when is it coming out?

  4. Olga Gaitan

    I’m excited for you!! Can’t wait to hear it, and to Listen to it too…

  5. may our good Lord bless u always!!! thank u for sharing you music!!! love u in Christ!!! 🙂

  6. Awn! this sounds greeeat!
    I can’t wait ’til your EP arrives here in Brazil or at least be able to buy in internet.
    You’re a blessed man of God, who I appreciate and pray for so much! Keep seeking His will first and working to the kingdom!

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